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Use CasesOnboarding

Streamlined onboarding
Hit the ground running

Transitioning into new projects or legacy code can be daunting. Augoor breaks down the barriers, providing a 360-degree view for developers to understand the codebase faster, ensuring a smooth integration into ongoing projects.

Provides a panoramic view of code health, pinpointing complexity and dependencies.
Illuminates recent code changes and identifies critical hotspots.
Effortlessly maps and analyzes the codebase, offering a comprhensive understanding of its structure.

How Augoor helps

Facilitates the sharing of crucial code insights among team members, bridging the knowledge gap.
Offers visual representation for better understanding and quick onboarding.
Generates live documentation to ease the transition, reducing the dependency on peers.

Empower your decisions
with in-depth code audits

Accelerate integration with intuitive code understanding.

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