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Navigate through your codebase
Uncover a seamless way to move through the landscape of your code with Augoor´s search feature.
Acting as your codebase navigator, Augoor transforms the way you search, locate, and understand key segments of your code.

Global search & analysis:

  • Login and select repositories
    Log in with your SCM account, choose the repositories you wish to work with, and embark on a smooth journey through your code.
  • Improved code review
    Augoor empowers you to explore using natural language, regular expressions, or by symbols, offering a tailored search experience.
  • Multi-branch search
    With the multi-branch search, streamline your movement through the codebase, ensuring you find what you're looking for, faster.
  • Filter and find
    Apply filters on repositories, branches, and languages to narrow down your search and match results in order of accuracy.

Rapid code retrieval

→   Jump between code segments effortlessly, saving precious time as you move through your code.
→   Accurate matching: Augoor’s Search ensures accurate matching results, directing you to the exact code segment you seek.

Visibility like never before

→   Gain a panoramic view of your codebase, enhancing your understanding and decision-making.
→   Augoor stands out as the only tool offering a clear, comprehensive view of your codebase, making movement through code a breeze.

Embark on an effortless code exploration journey

Get ready to multiply your team's output.

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