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Now introducing Codemap.
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The first AI-powered navigation tool for code

Explore, analyze, understand and document even the most unfamiliar codebases with our Code Intelligence platform.

Triangle behind a mountain range made with structural grid like texture

Augoor increases
devs’ speed by


It takes more than twice as long to perform the same coding task without it.

Augoor’s Productivity Hack Challenge, 2022. Research activity under the SPACE methodology.

Boost productivity

Empower your dev team.

Did you know engineers spend 70 to 90% of their time reading code instead of writing it? Imagine the impact of inverting that percentage. Well, that’s what Augoor does.

We enable devs to focus on the creative side of coding and companies to accelerate their go-to-market.

Do you want to solve tickets faster by mastering your codebases?

Need to visualize your code’s health and history easily?

Want to optimize takeovers, ramp-ups and onboardings?

Are you working on archeology projects?

Have to deal with legacy systems, spaghetti code, or poor documentation?

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Augoor makes
the complex simple

A single Code Understanding platform for all your needs.
Global search & analysis


Navigate the vast landscape of your code effortlessly. Augoor's exploration feature is like having Google for your codebase, enabling developers to search and locate key segments seamlessly.

→   Matching results in order of accuracy.
→   AI-generated Business and Technical tags.
→   Languages, repositories, and branch filters.
→   Search by natural language and regular expressions.
AI-driven code descriptions


Automatically generate comprehensive documentation with Augoor. Our AI models decode and describe your code line-by-line, ensuring every developer, new or seasoned, understands its essence without deep diving in it.

→   Parameter explanation (each function’s parameters details).
→   Code documentation (AI-generated function documentation).
→   Line by line (explains each line of code).
Real-time easy-to-understand codemaps


Visualize repositories and code dependencies in real-time. Codemap offers a panoramic view of your code's health, complexity, and growth, like a dynamic city map for your software ecosystem.

→   Storyline (repositories' evolution through time).
→   Context (smart tags).
→   Analysis (repos' info).

Code is always secure

Augoor can be deployed 100% inside the client’s infrastructure. Unlike other AI services, we don’t collect nor use our client’s code for any purpose.

Works with your stack, speaks your language

Augoor runs on the main Cloud providers (AWS, Azure or GCP) and supports your preferred SCM (GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab and Azure Repositories).
Augoor works with any text file for code search and with Java, Javascript, Typescript, C#, Python, Kotlin, JSON, and Apex for code understanding.
We can also add specific languages on demand.

Hear it from our users

I find it very helpful in finding and understanding code, mainly by saving me time, avoiding the need to import projects.

Melina Perez Mounet

Java developer

Without Augoor, I’d have sent several emails to find the code I needed and waited for it to arrive for days. Today, searching with Augoor, I managed to identify the code I was looking for in the first search result, how it is being used, and who is doing it.

Engelbert Quiroz

Tech Lead

I find the tool useful for searching for code, not 'reinventing' the wheel, and looking at other ways to solve a problem I may have.

Iván Florez

Java developer

Augoor is a good tool, especially for searching in unknown repositories, and could greatly help the adaptation of new members to work teams.

Daniel Ospina

Java developer

Code more,

read less

Get ready to multiply your team's output.
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