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Visualizing your code landscape
Embark on a visual journey through your code with Augoor's Codemaps feature. It’s like having a dynamic city map for your software ecosystem, providing a clear view of your code's structure, dependencies, and evolution over time.

Real-time easy-to-understand codemaps

  • Login and select repositories
    Augoor's integration with SonarQube, unveils a holistic view of your code's health, complexity, and evolution.
  • Improved code review
    Gain a quick understanding of any product’s context to locate and determine the source of problems at traceable points in time.
  • Multi-branch search
    Witness the evolution of repositories through time and commit history, providing a visual narrative of your code’s journey.
  • Filter and find
    Ensure code quality and efficiency with in-depth analysis of complexity, size, codesmells and line count for your repository files.

Visual maps for better insight

With visual knowledge of how code actually works, start shipping new features and refactors quickly, reducing the chances of getting stuck.
Instant maps of your app's directories, file dependencies, and code changes act as a GPS for your code, guiding you through areas with the latest activity and most commits.
Visualize the state, health, and history of repositories, turning complex code into understandable diagrams.

Confidence in code management

Codemaps provide developers with confidence by minimizing lack of insight into dependencies and maintaining control as your codebase grows.
Understand your code better, go fast in making changes, and break less, ensuring a smoother development process.

Embark on a visual exploration
with Augoor Codemaps

Get ready to multiply your team's output.

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