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Now with real-time Codemaps

With Augoor’s new feature, anyone from your team can quickly understand code structure, complexity, risks, overall health, and work dynamics thanks to graphs of repositories and their dependencies.

Codemap enables locating the source and determining the cause of problems at specific points in time, allowing delegating issues. Its core functionalities are:


Visualize how components are classified, their properties, and their interactions.


Access information about the codebase’s status.


Look at repositories' evolution through time and commit history.

Searching for code has never been easier

Augoor now introduces multi-branch search and search by symbols, enabling a more streamlined and productive codebase navigation with higher-quality results.

Any company with a dev team can benefit from Augoor

We tackle their most common pain points:

Delayed time to market

Documentation issues

Spaghetti code

Inefficient project takeovers

Slow ramp-ups

Time-consuming onboardings

Challenging archaeology projects and legacy systems

Boost your time to market