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Your codebase storyteller
Dive into the narrative of your code with Augoor's Explanation feature. It's your on-demand storyteller, making every line of code comprehensible and accessible to both seasoned and new developers.

AI-Driven code descriptions:

  • Let Augoor auto-generate detailed documentation of your code, reducing the manual effort and time spent on documentation tasks.
  • Augoor’s AI crafts descriptions in natural language, making it simple to understand the essence of your code, function by function.
  • The seamless integration of code and its documentation into a single search index creates an interactive narrative that's easy to explore.
  • Get clear explanations for each function’s parameters, classes and functions, making it easier to understand and work with the code.

Swift and seamless experience

Documenting 23 lines of code in just a second, Augoor expedites the documentation process without compromising on accuracy.
With the ability to process vast amounts of code swiftly, our solution is built for efficiency, handling 1 million lines every 10 hours.

Empowering developers

By simplifying the understanding and documentation of code, Augoor saves hundreds of hours that can be better utilized for coding.
Augoor’s accurate and quick documentation enables a deeper understanding of the code, making project transitions smoother.

Unlock the stories behind your code

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