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Where we
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Innovation involves defying the present. Because tomorrow doesn’t exist, it is being created today. And developers are its main builders. The software they create is present in practically all existing industries and leads technological progress, contributing to improving the quality of life of billions of people around the world.

We believe that
the next Big Bang will be artificial.


Because AI is one of the main drivers of human innovation nowadays, and the software development world is no stranger to this impact.

That’s why our vision is to simplify development engineering by adding AI to give teams the power to create smart beautiful software.

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Where we
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Augoor is the result of an amazing journey, powered by AI. It all began in 2019 as a Globant™ initiative that developed a tool called Augmented Coding. It was capable of finding code across repositories through semantic searches, completing lines based on existing ones, and automatically generating documentation by ciphering code and returning natural language.

But we never stopped researching, training models, testing,
and learning from feedback and after these couple of years,
we have in our hands much more than a tool that enhances the coding process: Augoor could actually shape the future
of software development.

In memory of Haldo Sponton (1985-2022)

“What if we could build an engine that understands both natural and programming languages, creating a bridge between those two worlds?." With this goal in mind, Haldo Sponton, Globant’s VP of Technology and Head of AI, brought together the team behind Augmented Coding, the origin story of Augoor.

As humans, we are made of stories. Stories that give meaning to our lives. And Haldo will live forever in ours. Gone too soon, but always in our hearts. Your legacy will inspire us every day, H.

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we are


We’re a global team. Currently, we’ve people working remotely from Spain, USA, UK, Argentina, Uruguay, Colombia, Chile and Mexico. We’re very excited to be opening our office in Málaga pretty soon.

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Meet our

Tiburcio de la Carcova

Technology entrepreneur with more than 19 years of experience building information technology-related companies, the last 15 years in video games. Experienced in console development and mobile games as COO/Studio Head, he’s founded and led numerous successful companies in the industry, many of which were acquired by multinationals. He is passionate about building and leading teams where people can grow and make great products.

Guido Pusiol

A technologist with general management experience. Started his studies in a small city in Argentina and then obtained a Ph.D. in C.S specialized in AI (INRIA, France). Later, in the US, he was appointed at Stanford's AI Lab for 8+ years as a Post-Doc and Research Scientist, producing 15+ publications in international journals. Advocated to create impactful solutions for real-world problems, he founded successful companies that have sold patents and developed technology used by governments and multinationals.

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